Microleague Baseball Forever

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the game concept this is a brief explanation. The baseball game itself is based on using real statistics for simulation, in no way does it require hand/eye coordination like an arcade version. You can choose the teams from any era, setup the lineups and starting pitchers, and make decisions throughout the entirety of the game just as any coach or manager would do. You can choose to play against a human opponent, computer controlled opponent, or have two computer teams compete against each other.

In addition, the creators of this gem also created add-on disks to compliment the overall experience. The general managers/owner disks allows to create or copy any team that you can imagine, the box score/stat disks allows for full box scores after the game and the compiling of on-going stats for league play. All star rosters and world series teams were also available spanning across several decades.

One of the best features of this statistical game is the ability to match two teams against each other from any time period. Sadly, even with the ability of the general managers disk to create any team imaginable, only MLB teams for the mid eighties and early nineties were ever created. I have been unable to find any other team disks for the remaining time periods.

And that's where the motivation comes in that was the passion in creating this website. I have always wanted to match up various teams from other time eras but was never able to find such teams. As it turns out, I am now at a point in my life that I can claim to be semi-retired and seem to have more time on my hands, and time is not a luxury that most of us have.

With that being said it is my goal to dedicate some of this free time to creating yearly team disks for use with Microleague Baseball. There were two gaps to the yearly teams that were already created for the mid eighties through the early nineties. I have compiled stats for the missing 1988 and 1992 teams, respectively. I will continue to compile stats for 1993-1995 and then perhaps go back and start compiling stats for pre-1984 teams. This is a work in progress and one that I am happy to be working on.